Turbine meters as well as Quantometers are flow meters which display the volume flowing through the device in actual cubic meters. The incoming gas is accelerated through the inlet body and strikes the blades of the turbine wheel. The revolutions of the turbine wheel are transferred to an 8-digit roller counter via a multistage gear and a magnetic coupling. Turbine meters TRZ2, SM-RI- X and SM-RI- 2 are approved for official metering and billing purposes (custody transfer) of natural gas in gas transmission and distribution as well as with a variety of technical gases in industrial applications. Quantometers are short pattern turbine meters, They are preferably used in non-custody transfer applications (i.e. in-plant measurement). All turbine gas meters fulfil international directives and norms for pressure equipment (PED) and explosion protection (ATEX) as well as metrological requirements and directives.